Audio Visual Products

Audio Visual Products
Engaging the senses via attractive, interactive and visually inspiring products can make a real difference to a training workshop, lecture, conference, retail environment or event.

With such a vast array of audio visual equipment in the marketplace, it can be a minefield when trying to select the right piece of equipment for your specific requirements. Truly AV & IT are in existence to relieve you of the stress and time-consuming nature of searching for suitable products.

We possess a wealth of experience, keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and search the entire market for the product or package which is most suited to your requirements. We offer impartial advice as we are not tied into any suppliers; providing you with piece of mind what we recommend is the right solution for you.

Digital signage
We supply a selection of digital signage  which delivers innovative advertising solutions for use in an array of environments including public spaces, waiting rooms and shop windows.

Projections and displays

Comprising projection screens, projectors, plasmas, LCD displays and interactive whiteboards, projections and displays are the more recognisable elements of an audio visual system and usually a starting point for most customers.

Sound systems
PA systems, multi-room audio systems, concert & events PA systems, wireless radio microphone systems all compliment projections and displays, but can be used independently i.e. systems for background music in a restaurant.

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£ 799.00
(£ 665.83 excluding VAT)

Sonos is the first wireless, multi-room digital music system that lets you play any song, in any room and control it all from the palm of your hand.