Digital Advertising Display

Digital Advertising Display
Digital signage is fast becoming the preferred method for advertising, providing internal communication and public messaging for a host of business sectors. They are ideal for retail locations, where the use of digital signage has almost quadrupled in the last three years.
Retail environments like supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, show rooms and shopping centres are just a few of the potential settings for this engaging medium. Other possible venues include banks, bars, cafés, gyms, art galleries, salons, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals, schools, museums, exhibition displays, cinemas and conference halls.
Falling equipment costs, increased awareness and a realisation of the competitive advantage that can be gained by using digital signage are all factors that are allowing this dynamic medium to become more accessible.
Available in an array of sizes, ratios, orientations and features, there is a digital signage solution to suit most budgets. From wall-mounted digital posters, to free-standing literature displays and touch-screen displays, all our digital signage products are manufactured to the highest standards delivering high resolution and built for 24/7 usage.
Plug ‘n’ Play Digital Posters
With a simple ‘plug and play’ feature, it’s never been easier to upload and display images and video. Simply load the content, or playlist, in the order you want them to be displayed onto a USB stick. Then insert the USB drive into the screen, wait for the data to load, remove the USB drive and your images, videos and music will be displayed.
Customer Testimonial
“Thank you very much for your support recently with regard to our requirements for a digital poster site for our Diamond Ambassador members. You made the decision simple for us and guided us easily through the choices and what would work best for us with regard to raising the profile of our Diamond Ambassador events.
We are delighted with the digital poster as are our clients, and it is a brilliant way to highlight special DA events, training, and is working really well for us. I am confident there will be an excellent return on investment and I would encourage companies to look at this as a most effective and modern ways of communicating.”
East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

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